L.C.P, more than just beauty…

Spa Concept is very proud to feature L.C.P products in its offering. Designed for women and men, L.C.P offers highly effective and sensory products for all skin types, all skin tones, all ages, and all beauty concerns. Find out more about this great brand L.C.P and discover why you should consider them for your institute.

L.C.P, a little history…

Born from a fusion between the institute’s expertise and aesthetic medicine via its founding doctor, Le Club des Professionnels has combined the best of both worlds. It became the leading player in expert cosmetics with unique French know-how. Today, Le Club des Professionnels, which has been supporting beauticians for 45 years, has been rebranded as L.C.P.

This new identity was also an opportunity for them to refocus Le Club des Professionnels on its strengths and to highlight its historical concept, which is now more than ever at the heart of women’s expectations: customisation! With more than 100 cabin references, L.C.P offers you a wide range of products with true formula efficiency that meets the needs and problems of all and the possibility of creating infinite protocols for your clients!

L.C.P – Mixology & Glow

L.C.P is renewing itself by changing its name and promoting a brand new concept: Mixology & Glow. This professional skincare includes targeted lines that allow everyone to personalise their skincare, regardless of their skin tone and beauty needs. They firmly believe that the power of Glow directly influences self-confidence and well-being; and that the secret of Glow lies in the synergy of Mixology and expert gestures. For them, there is not only one definition of beauty!

Today, to spread L.C.P’s expertise beyond the circle of professionals, L.C.P has also launched its resale range. They came up with a selection of cabin formulas now available in resale format at affordable prices, which you can find at the different partners of Spa Concept.

The Mixology & Glow ranges are tailor-made professional care protocols for a unique glow! Don’t hesitate to play with Mixology by combining the promises of each range and create your own custom-made care routine for glowing skin!

MIX: combine products that are truly adapted to each client

MATCH: create tailor-made skincare routines. 

GLOW: for a unique Glow! 

The 3 pillars of L.C.P

1/ A passionate commitment to the profession

Through 45 years of operation, L.C.P knows all the secrets of professionals and has understood everything about women’s expectations. Passionate at heart, L.C.P offers a wide range of cabin products, without overlooking their resale range to bring all the L.C.P expertise to your customers.

2/ Innovation and French expertise

L.C.P is the perfect synergy of scientific and natural ingredients. In compliance with European cosmetic regulations – the most rigorous and safest in the world – they advocate harmlessness and sensoriality. They avoid all controversial ingredients and constantly offer textures and fragrances that are a pleasure to use. Never compromising on the effectiveness of their products, their results are immediately visible.

 3/ A positive and inclusive message

L.C.P products are for everyone, men and women, looking for highly effective and sensory products. L.C.P products are for all skin types, all skin tones, all ages, and all beauty concerns. In short, with L.C.P products at our side, we celebrate the GLOW of all skin types! 

In a nutshell: Mixology & Glow products

Available in several custom ranges, Spa Concept presents 9 new specific ranges available for resale and in the cabin:

ESSENTIALS: 100% dedicated to skin cleansing and make-up removal.

HYALURONIC: A perfect range for plumping and smoothing dehydrated skin!

GLOBAL +: For plumped, smoothed and healthy-looking skin.

PURE: freshness, radiance and purity, without discomfort or water loss 

DETOX: perfectly suited to skin that needs to eliminate toxins accumulated daily.

COCOONING: Allows sensitive and reactive skin to regain its comfort

BODY SPA: For all those who want to take care of their body.

VITAMIN C: Meets the needs of all skin types for luminosity and radiance.

ACCESSORIES: White Jade accessories with soothing properties