Why Hire a Spa Consultant?

The health and wellness industry is continuously evolving. Spas that spot trends and adjust to shifting customer needs are the ones that prosper and expand. However, with the daily operations’ never-ending tasks, it can feel impossible to find time to plan for future growth. That’s where spa consultants are invaluable in these situations because their expertise not only saves you time but helps you unveil new opportunities. 

What is a Spa Consultant?

A Spa Consultant offers professional direction and assistance in efficiently running spa operations, maximizing profits, and organizing new spa development. They identify the most promising growth opportunities and develop the steps to achieve them. Entrepreneurs and investors need to take advantage of an experienced spa consultant partner who will advise and guide them throughout all of the phases of the project – from feasibility studies to implementation.

The Main Roles of a Spa Consultant

Many spa owners think of spa consulting as something that happens only while designing a spa or when a disaster strikes. But spa consultants provide expert advice throughout the lifecycle of a spa or salon business. They address a range of business needs, helping spas remain relevant, competitive, and profitable, including the following:

  1. The spa’s concept

    Asking the right questions can unlock opportunities you didn’t even realize existed and can take your spa or salon to new heights. The spa consultant does precisely that, shaped by their expertise in the field. Firstly, by defining who is the target audience and what care and treatment they are seeking, they design customer personas to create a concept as per their needs. Also, the consultant will analyze the environment and climate to define the most appropriate treatments. A competitor analysis and product analysis will follow to know how you can differentiate and understand the possible supply chain of the available products on the market. The spa consultant will then provide an estimated budget to develop the concept.
  1. The spa’s design

    A design-driven spa and wellness consultancy will pay a lot of attention to the detailed design of your projects. With customer journey at the centre of your operations, designs should avoid complex circulation and guest flows. For example, areas in which a member of staff does not accompany the guest must be completely intuitive. Those guest paths should also have minimal contact with any support or service circulation routes to avoid confusion and keep support seamless and discreet. Spa consultants also focus on the hygiene and safety aspect of the spa, while ensuring its profitability as part of a commercial project.

  2. The spa’s layout and equipment

    Next comes the furnishing and layout of the spa. Firstly, by identifying the equipment adapted to each space and treatment as defined in the initial concept. Adapted equipment is then sought out from multiple suppliers, where the best ones are identified to support you throughout this wellness journey. They are also involved in the installation of the said equipment, the full monitoring of the site, and last but not least, supervising staff training in the optimal use of the equipment.

  3. The spa’s menu

    Then comes the more tangible side of things. By identifying the needs for each treatment, the spa consultant looks out for the best suppliers out there as per your budget. And one of the most important aspects is, of course, the selection of brands/products which will be used. This should take into consideration the availability and quality of products, their coherence with the concept, and the ease of supply. But the focus is also placed on the suppliers who offer training and marketing support to level up your game. After having analyzed and implemented everything from the inside out, the perfect menu is created for you to optimize your resources and maximize success.

The expense of engaging a spa consultant’s services can be justified many times over by the superior nature of the results obtained and expensive blunders that are avoided. At Spa Concept, we strive for excellence on all levels with our spa consulting services, assisting you in creating the best spa concept and operation for you and your clients. We firmly believe that the success of a spa relies on three simple factors and our spa consultants will help you achieve balance between them: a strong creative concept, an operationally supportive layout, and a systematic business approach.

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