Davines: The Story of Exceptional Hair Care

Welcome to the fascinating world of Davines shampoo, a story that takes root in Parma in 1983, when the Bollati family founded a company aimed at revolutionising hair care. Initially established as a research and manufacturing laboratory serving major international corporations, Davines took a decisive turn in 1992. It was then that the company redefined itself, fully dedicating to production and distribution under the prestigious Davines label. Let’s dive together into this exceptional hair care adventure, where expertise, innovation, and a dedication to quality unite to create products that transcend simple hair care to become true sensory experiences. Let’s uncover the secrets of a brand that embodies the perfect alliance between Italian tradition, family passion, and cosmetic excellence.

The Davines Village: A Sanctuary of Innovation and Nature in Parma

The Davines Village in Parma, which is both an architectural gem and the company’s headquarters, is a creative and innovative source of inspiration. Imagined and designed by the prestigious architectural firm MTLC, this complex seamlessly integrates the various facets of the Davines universe. From offices to training spaces, from the research and development laboratory to production, and the store, each element contributes to creating an environment dedicated to excellence.

At the heart of this iconic place, a true treasure awaits visitors and nature enthusiasts: the Davines Botanical Garden. Spanning approximately 3,000 m2, this garden represents more than just a green space. It embodies an outdoor laboratory, a celebration of biodiversity, and a tribute to nature that inspires the brand in its commitment to environmentally friendly products.

Among the four macro zones defining the heart of this garden, each corner reveals a unique story. The aromatic vegetable garden, with its fragrant herbs, evokes the fusion of tradition and modernity, while the medicinal plant garden offers a plunge into nature’s secrets for hair care products packed with natural benefits. 

The colour garden, on the other hand, embodies the living palette that inspires the creation of Davines formulas, fusing art and science to offer exceptional hair products. Lastly, the fragrance garden transports visitors on a captivating olfactory journey, where each scent evokes the very essence of Italy, the birthplace of the brand.

In this unique setting, the Davines Village transcends its mere status as a corporate headquarters to become the symbol of a holistic approach to the beauty and well-being of your hair.

Davines’ Ecological Commitment: Towards a Complete Carbon Neutrality and Sustainability

Since 2006, Davines has resolutely embraced a responsible approach by implementing concrete measures to mitigate and offset its CO2 emissions. This forward-thinking vision manifests through a series of innovative initiatives, solidifying the brand’s commitment to sustainability and environmental protection.

  • 100% Renewable Electricity: The Davines Village, the company’s iconic headquarters, exclusively consumes electricity from renewable sources, demonstrating a strong commitment to green energy.
  • Energy Transition: Davines has abandoned the use of fossil fuels in favour of more sustainable solutions, such as methane biogas and geothermal energy, marking a significant step towards environmentally friendly energy practices.
  • 100% Packaging Compensation: All packaging produced by Davines is 100% compensated, emphasising the company’s commitment to minimise its ecological impact and promote a circular economy.
  • Carbon Neutrality: The production site and the company’s headquarters in Parma have achieved carbon neutrality, a major accomplishment that positions Davines as a pioneer in reducing CO2 emissions, contributing to climate balance preservation.

Green Revolution: Davines Pioneering Regenerative Agriculture with EROC

Regenerative agriculture, which is based on four fundamental principles, embodies a holistic approach aimed at revolutionising our interaction with the earth.

Here are the four fundamental principles:

  • Minimal Soil Disturbance
  • Preservation of the Biodiversity
  • Soil Covering Rotation and Cultivation
  • No Chemicals

To concretize these fundamental principles, Davines took a significant initiative in 2021 by partnering with the Rodale Institute to establish the European Regenerative Organic Center (EROC). These 16 hectares of land have been dedicated to in-depth research on regenerative organic agriculture, particularly focusing on preserving soil biodiversity and carbon sequestration. This strategic partnership represents a tangible commitment to implementing sustainable agricultural practices, perfectly aligned with the principles of minimal soil disturbance, biodiversity preservation, soil covering rotation and cultivation, as well as the absence of chemicals. Additionally, EROC also positions itself as an agricultural training centre, contributing to sharing and disseminating crucial knowledge needed to cultivate the land regeneratively. It is in this synergy between theory and practice that Davines strengthens its commitment to sustainable and planet-friendly beauty, placing sustainability at the core of its heritage.