How to plan for the end of the year at the spa

During the holiday season, people tend to spend more. With so many ideas to attract this clientele, it’s important to stand out from the crowd. The festive season brings back memories, childhood and dreams. Therefore, the atmosphere of the spa must immerse your clientele in the holiday spirit. Here are some suggestions for creating a fun and memorable experience for your clients during the festivities:

Bring in the Christmas magic

Don’t skimp on the Christmas spirit that makes young and old dream! Of course, you must not overdo. A well-decorated tree, employees dressed for the occasion, a touch of garlands and lights here and there… Everyone is moved by this magical universe, this unmissable event, symbol of love and sharing.  

Go the extra mile by customising your teas with flavours reminiscent of this time of year: cinnamon, anise, orange or cardamom. Offer treats or even chocolate after a treatment. Above all, share photos of these celebrations on your social networks. Make your regulars want to dive into the Christmas world while being pampered.

Create special deals

During the holidays, it’s all about putting your customers’ happiness at the top of your list. And what do they love? Good deals, of course! Offer discounts on certain products, especially those that stock up in your store. You can even make them into Christmas boxes (for example, one product bought = one product offered). 

But not only that! Why not highlight special holiday packages? Group your best-sellers in a special end-of-year offer: manicure, pedicure, facial… Perfect to get ready before the festive nights!

Customisable gift cards and vouchers

Did you know that vouchers are the second most given gift after money? Take advantage of this and promote your vouchers as THE last-minute gift idea for those in need of inspiration. These vouchers will surely end up in the hands of an aunt or a cousin; who are well on their way to becoming your future loyal customers!

To boost sales, create posts around these coupons on your platforms and on your website. Add an exciting twist: give them the opportunity to offer this voucher by e-mail and even customise it with an image or a message. The dream gift idea by excellence!

Organise contests

Who doesn’t like to win prizes? Take advantage of the festive atmosphere to organise contests on your social networks, Facebook and Instagram. An idea would be to invite customers to mention 5 friends in comments. Snowball effect guaranteed: new people will discover your institute thanks to a better visibility. Some other ideas for games below:

  • Invite customers to post a picture of themselves with your product
  • Hold a Christmas quiz (on movies for example)
  • Organise a “Who am I?” with pictures of team members as kids
  • Don’t forget the children. For example, a drawing contest with a free treatment to win.

Other ideas that will make a difference

Surprise Christmas crackers

At the cash register, offer them a Christmas cracker. Inside, the customer will randomly find a candy, a chocolate, a quote or even a great promo code for their next visit! You can also do the same process, but in a Santa hat to get even more in the Christmas spirit.

Give a Christmas card to your most loyal customers

Take advantage of the holidays to send a customised WhatsApp message to your best customers to wish them happy holidays. They will feel considered, privileged and flattered by so much attention. These are the kinds of details that help build customer loyalty. Why not offer them a discount on their favourite skin care product as well!

Collaborate with an NGO 

Finally, let’s not forget that Christmas is not all fun for many people. For example, by partnering with an NGO that helps underprivileged children, you can donate a percentage of your revenue to them. It will cheer up your customers to know that they are contributing to creating smiles.