Spa Concept – Our Product Offering

Your business is dedicated to providing the best products, services, and procedures to your clients. Therefore, you’re on a mission to equip your spa or beauty parlour exclusively with the best equipment and products. But when you’re faced with all the available options, you might get overwhelmed. It can be challenging to choose, and you want to ensure you pick the best products and equipment that will drive success. And this is where Spa Concept comes into play!

In order to optimise the return on space and treatments, we assist our clients with their selection of consumables, products, and equipment. As well as building up their treatment protocols and menus, we provide their teams with the appropriate training programs. We can serve from the smallest beauty institute to a palace spa while guaranteeing the quality of products, equipment and service.

Our range of products and equipment allows us to have a complete offer for any wellness professional:

Our Products

For our clients to set up a line of care products that meet their clients’ needs, each of the cosmetic brands we offer is complementary. We seek, above all, to understand the needs and criteria of our clients’ targets to advise them in the best possible way. Thanks to our large range of products, we can customise and fine-tune our product offerings to any type of structure. Today we have premium brands, as well as brands adapted to smaller structures, while never compromising on quality. With the wide range of brands/products we offer, we can reach all types of target customers and better position your spa within the most suitable market. Our offer includes body and facial treatments, nail polish, hair removal products, massage oil, hair care, and disposable consumables, among others.

Our Equipment and Furniture

Spa equipment can help you attract more customers, boost your revenue, and keep them returning. Along with expanding your service offerings, new methods and equipment will also boost your value to your clientele. Naturally, you want the best equipment that fits your target price range and is going to be reliable and cost-efficient. Our portfolio includes top-notch quality treatment tables, relaxation furniture, specialist thermal rooms, steam, sauna, hydrotherapy, Vichy showers, manicure & pedicure collections, whirlpool and snowroom, among others. This is why Spa Concept is a leading equipment and furniture supplier to the spa, health, beauty and wellness industries. Our offering is backed up with proficient service, making sure your business is fully supported at all times.

Our Accessories

Everything you need to complete the guest journey! Spa Concept has extensive global experience in delivering specialist spa operational and interior design consultancy services. Individually we are talented, experienced, passionate and driven. Collectively we deliver success for our clients on each and every project.  Our consultancy team has a wide range of skills allowing us to provide bespoke spa design and operational concepts. We have a wide range of accessories and decorative items to level up the game. From sterilisers, magnifying lamps, vapozone, led lamps, bowls, ceramic accessories, stone therapy, etc. We curate the perfect accessories that will give life to your spa concept and vision.

Thanks to a careful and conscious study carried out by Spa Concept staff, each element will blend perfectly, giving your spa absolute harmony. We provide tailored packages of our consultancy services to best support your needs and project. Contact us to discuss how we can add value to your new or existing spa.