Founder’s Blog – Jean-Patrick Ferrat

When it comes to operational excellence, it’s the touch points considered at every turn that transform the spa experience from good to great and beyond. No field requires more care to ensure optimal operational efficiency than a spa. Guests arrive and anticipate a lovely spa adventure, one in which they take a break from the hectic world, where there are fine-tuned service details with a difference, and where they are greeted by a professional and warm-hearted spa therapist. A spa’s ability to deliver on this expectation often comes down to how well they planned the original spa design.

Over the years, we have continually heard therapists around us complain when they feel their spa is not organised. Everyone is under considerably more pressure when there is a lack of operational flow, and the stress, sadly, can linger in the air like a dark cloud. It’s quite natural for staff to want to work in a spa that offers structure, standard operating procedures, a well-defined guest journey, ongoing training and the highest quality equipment. It makes their work life so much easier and they can hold their heads high with pride. 

This is why Jean-Patrick Ferrat decided to launch Spa Concept in 2006, to assist spa managers in optimising their resources while focusing on sustainable and eco-friendly solutions. Here’s what he shared:

“I had the deep conviction in creating Spa Concept that I would bring my contribution, in the field of well-being, towards a more eco-friendly Mauritius. We place environmental and social sustainability at the heart of our culture and operations as we recognise our country’s vulnerability to climate change. Together with like-minded partners who are forerunners in their field of activity, we are creating sustainable and value-creating solutions for the different spas and wellness centres on the island.

We have introduced materials made from cultivated and regenerated forest basins in total ecological respect. For example, Living Earth Craft is an active member of Sustainable Harvest International® and Trees for the Future®. Another brand worth mentioning would be Comfort Zone – the undisputed pioneer of regenerative cosmetics and an influential certified member of the B Corp label. Strong believers in those values, we introduce in our creative designs and concepts the latest technologies to conserve water and reduce energy consumption. Moreover, repairing equipment instead of replacing it is part of our DNA.

These notions are even more valid as we emerge from this period of restrictions, reinforcing our desire to be a holistic solution provider to our beloved customers. We are convinced that our expertise must be shared and passed on in respect of our partners, our environment and the planet. This choice is no longer an option for us but a conscious decision.”

The win-win effect of an excellent operation is happy staff, delighted clients, a healthy business turnover and last but not least, a healthy planet. With Spa Concept, every touch point will be carefully considered to deliver a seamless experience that can take your guest to a whole new level of “peaceful serenity” and in this day and age, that is priceless.