Ingredients that make our skin feel good

Addicted to skincare and want to know more about beauty ingredients? You’ve come to the right place. Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to decipher how ingredients work and what they do for radiant skin. Each ingredient has a different superpower. Whether it’s boosting hydration, calming inflammation or fighting the signs of ageing. Discover these active ingredients that you won’t be able to live without!

Dehydrated skin

All skin types are affected by dehydration. But what is dehydration? It’s simply skin that lacks water. Dehydrated skin can affect you year-round, or during specific seasons and weather conditions. Either way, treating dry skin is imperative if you want to feel good about yourself.

3 ingredients to treat dehydrated skin:

  1. Hyaluronic acid: The star ingredient for hydration capable of capturing 1000x its weight in water. It will deeply moisturise your skin in record time.
  2. Aloe Vera: This natural ingredient is made of 99% water, which allows to moisturise all the layers of the skin.
  3. Lychee: Good for the skin, this fruit is rich in vitamin E and has antioxidant properties. It will strengthen the skin barrier to limit water loss.

No matter what moisturising product you choose for your beauty care routine, your skin will thank you!

Mature skin

Your skin changes with age. It is a natural process. With time, your skin becomes what we call a mature skin. This is marked by fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and loss of density. Fortunately, with the right ingredients, you can slow down this process.

5 ingredients to treat mature skin:

  1. Yarrow: This medicinal herb stimulates and protects the collagen present in the skin.
  2. Plantain: Full of virtues, this plant stimulates and protects the elasticity of your skin.
  3. Chinese peony: A beauty asset, it brings a firming effect to sagging skin.
  4. Caviar: More than a treat for the palate, this anti-ageing beauty ingredient improves skin elasticity and cell renewal.
  5. Cocoa bean: It is a muscle relaxant. Hence, it aims to relax the muscles of the face.

A firmed and smoothed skin, a luminous complexion, a moisturised epidermis… all thanks to the ingredients mentioned above!

Sensitive skin

Sensitive and intolerant skin reacts more than normal skin, it is hyper-reactive. It is often prone to tightness, warmth, tingling and redness. Therefore, you must be very careful with the use of cosmetic products. Opt for products without perfume, preservatives or surfactants that combat skin reactions.

4 ingredients to treat sensitive skin:

  1. Saffron: A magical spice for the skin, it strengthens the skin barrier and protects against inflammation. 
  2. Calendula: Known to soothe and soften the skin, thus a true ally for sensitive skin.
  3. Linden: Soothing and calming, linden is ideal for the care of devitalised skin.
  4. Marula oil: This vegetable oil repairs the skin barrier and soothes it. 

So keep your skin supple and elastic by incorporating these ingredients into your beauty routine!

Oily skin

Oily skin is mainly characterised by an overproduction of sebum on the face, especially on the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin). In order to purify your skin, there are super-ingredients to get rid of shiny skin.

5 ingredients to treat oily skin:

  1. Clays: Clays are great for oily skin because they help reduce excess oil and tighten enlarged pores. Green clay purifies, white clay mattifies and yellow clay unclogs. Must-haves to detoxify your skin!
  2. AHAs: AHAs or alpha hydroxy acids are organic acids that gently exfoliate and eliminate dead cells while refining the skin texture.
  3. Enantia: This bark extract refines skin texture, reduces pore size and regulates sebum secretion.
  4. Cucumber: Due to its astringent power, cucumber is an excellent ally for oily skin. It remineralises and regulates the excess of sebum.
  5. Hamamelis: On oily skin, witch hazel (hamamelis) cleanses and purifies in depth.

Very appreciated by oily skins, these ingredients heal and help to rebalance skins that are…a little too shiny!

Dull skin and/or skin with spots

Even the healthiest skin can sometimes appear dull and lacklustre. A dull complexion is characterised by a lack of homogeneity and luminosity, a greyish colour and an irregular skin texture. On the other hand, spots are linked to an overproduction of melanin.

5 natural ingredients to treat dull and/or blotchy skin:

  1. Vitamin C: A key ingredient in modern skin care, vitamin C is packed with benefits for the skin. Packed with antioxidants, vitamin C helps lighten dullness and fade dark spots and hyperpigmentation.
  2. Nasturtium: Nasturtium flower promotes oxygenation and revives the skin’s radiance. It can be used in several forms (lotions etc.).
  3. Red clay: It is the best clay for glowing skin because it brightens the complexion and gives a boost to dull skin.
  4. Vitamins A and E: Essential vitamins for a radiant skin. Vitamins A and E unify the complexion.
  5. Punarnava: This Ayurvedic plant blocks the synthesis of melanin in the epidermis, thus reducing skin spots.

Nature in your beauty products can only be beneficial to the health of your skin, so why not use them?

Dry skin

Not enough moisture or oil? Help, you may have dry skin! Dry skin is due to a lack of lipids. The sebaceous glands do not secrete enough sebum, a fatty substance that is essential for maintaining an effective skin barrier. Dry skin should not be confused with dehydrated skin, which lacks water.

5 ingredients to treat dry skin:

  1. Shea: Known for years to repair and regenerate the skin, shea is essential to dry skin treatments.
  2. White lupin: White lupin has a strong hydrating power. Moreover, it is rich in peptides and helps to activate the production of lipids. 
  3. Argan: Excellent remedy for dry skin, argan oil nourishes, moisturises, and regenerates while repairing weakened skin.
  4. Avocado: Used since the dawn of time, avocado oil nourishes and protects dry skin.
  5. Macadamia: For dry, even very dry skin, macadamia intensely nourishes. 

Choose your dry skin ally to get back a baby’s skin!

The eye contour area

The eye contour is a very sensitive area because it is highly exposed and very thin. There can be several problems such as wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness or drooping eyelids. Depending on the need, the active ingredients to consider are different.

5 ingredients for the eye contour area:

  1. Green tea: Rich in antioxidants and consisting of polyphenols, green tea promotes the elimination of toxins. Bye-bye dark circles, bags and tired eyes!
  2. Hamamelis: With its many virtues, hamamelis also effectively treats dark circles. This plant has a decongestant and soothing action.
  3. Cornflower: An essential ally of eye beauty, this plant decongests, soothes and reduces dark circles and puffiness. Ideal for sensitive areas such as the eye contour area.
  4. Matcha tea: This green tea powder fights dark circles, fine lines and puffiness thanks to its draining action that relaxes the eye contour.
  5. Caffeine: Known for its revitalising properties, caffeine activates microcirculation to fight dark circles and bags under the eyes. 

Look fresh with these natural and effective ingredients!

The beauty world and nature are full of super ingredients to take care of your skin. All you have to do is determine your skin type to get the most out of these ingredients. Ingredients that are constantly changing and evolving over the years. But now you are better informed, and you know what needs to be done for a beautiful skin!