Why Hire a Spa Consultant?

The health and wellness industry is continuously evolving. Spas that spot trends and adjust to shifting customer needs are the ones that prosper and expand. However, with the daily operations’ never-ending tasks, it can feel impossible to find time to plan for future growth. That’s where spa consultants are invaluable in these situations because their […]

Spa Concept – Our Product Offering

Your business is dedicated to providing the best products, services, and procedures to your clients. Therefore, you’re on a mission to equip your spa or beauty parlour exclusively with the best equipment and products. But when you’re faced with all the available options, you might get overwhelmed. It can be challenging to choose, and you […]

Founder’s Blog – Jean-Patrick Ferrat

When it comes to operational excellence, it’s the touch points considered at every turn that transform the spa experience from good to great and beyond. No field requires more care to ensure optimal operational efficiency than a spa. Guests arrive and anticipate a lovely spa adventure, one in which they take a break from the hectic […]